Holiday in Sicily

Increasingly Sicily discovered by tourists. The most frequently visited places are Taormina, the undisputed tourist attraction of the island and the resort of Cefalu. This beautiful island, the largest in the Mediterranean, has a lot more to offer.

Sicilie: afbeelding van grieks theater in Taormina

Sicily (Italian: Sicilia) is an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea and the Italian mainland (Calabria) separated by only three kilometers wide Strait of Messina (Stretto di Messina). The island, together with the Aeolian or Lipari Islands, the Egadi archipelago and some other islands of the same "Regione", has an area of 25,708 km2 (Netherlands: 40 844 km2), and is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and approximately as big as Belgium. It is also the largest "Regione" (Region) of Italy. North of the island lies the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea to the east and south and west Mediterranean. Tunisia (Cap Bon) is just 150 kilometers south of Sicily. Sicily is at the same height as southern Greece, North Tunesia and southern Spain. The island forms geology and physical geography a continuation of the Apennine Peninsula and is geologically therefore actually not an island.

On this site you will find an overview of the main tourist destinations and the sights that can be found there.

For example, you can read about the sights about the land and the people, the famous food of Sicily and the various destinations; but you can also find factual information about Sicily:Sicily: the facts.

Why Sicily:


Sicily has 2000 hours of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 22 degrees one of the most pleasant climates in Europe.
When we look at annual reviews with temperatures and precipitation can be but one conclusion and that is that Sicily in all seasons is an ideal destination.
Sicily is mainly spring and autumn and suited for an active or cultural stay. The summer months are ideal for holidays with relaxation, sun and sea as its main theme.

HISTORY (Culture)

Because Sicily since antiquity at a strategic crossroads between East and West is located, has ensured that the island many different dominations has known. Sicily by including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and many other peoples who dominated all their own stamp on history have printed. For the real culture lover Sicily paradise!


The flourishing history has produced some beautiful sights like the many different temples, theaters, churches and cathedrals and squares. Nature also has some unique trait Sicily ensured litigators. First of course the ETNA, the still active volcano which the image of the east coast determined. Also the smaller islands around Sicily, the interior of the mountains, the coast with beautiful beaches and ports. The many small villages, both in the interior and on the coast are an experience for everyone.



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