The land and people of Sicily

For many people, Sicily was still an unknown part of the popular holiday destination Italy. The island is perhaps not the first destination you think of when planning a road trip, but especially since the rise of the so-called low-cost airlines is a holiday in Sicily a destination, the journey is well worth.

Sicily travel tips


Sicily is a beautiful island for culture lovers. Especially in the fascinating cities of Syracuse, Argentino and Palermo offers many cultural attractions. Some buildings date from the 8th century BC. The island has long been occupied by various rulers. The temples of Agrigento. Selinunte and Segesta recall this time. In Sicily you will find temples, amphitheatres and excavations from the Roman, Greek and Byzantine period.


Baroque highlight A.D. Corso Vittoria Emanuelle After the earthquake of 1693 the town had to be rebuilt completely Noto again resulting in the current Noto, a beautiful baroque town. Through the Porte Reale walk right into Corso Vittoria Emanuelle. In this street you walk past all the impressive palaces, churches and other buildings that Noto rich. Along with 7 other baroque towns in southeastern Sicily Noto is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the field of folklore will find typical Sicilian carts, painted with various popular scenes and drawn by caparisoned horses. Then there are the puppets that depict figures from the struggle of the French knights against the Moors.


Capital of Sicily In Sicily you will find many entertainment options. In the narrow and charming streets of Taormina you will find many restaurants, cafés and trendy bars. Giardini-Naxos is known for its varied and particularly lively nightlife. You will find therefore a mix of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that can compete with the famous seaside resorts in Spain. Cefalu provide some good restaurants, bars and nightclubs ensure that the evenings you lack nothing.


Mons reale: the royal hill Near Palermo, on the edge of the Conca d'Oro (Golden Valley) lies the village of Monreale. The town originated in the Middle Ages around the cathedral and the Benedictine monastery. In contrast to the exterior of the cathedral, the interior is richly decorated with beautiful mosaics.


And other Italian food For shopping you can go well in Sicily. Most shopping can be found in Palermo. Besides several souvenir shops are fashionable shoes and clothes. In the resort of Taormina in the narrow streets of the center, many shops. Also in Cefalu you good shopping. The shopping opportunities in Giardini-Naxos and Letojanni are limited.

Why Sicily?

You will find Greek temples and amphitheatres, Roman settlements, villas with beautiful mozaaeken, unique churches built in a mixed Northman Kurdish-Arab style, with Moorish palaces and Byzantine elements, Greek Orthodox churches, Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles, Spaans-Catalonisch/Gothische palaces, baroque villas, and even a Chinese Neoclassical villa from the 19th century. Under the Roman villas were foundations of the Phoenicians found and the Temple of Cefalu. Sicily is an island holiday par excellence. The sun, the sea, the culture, the history, architecture, nature, cuisine, the wines: there is something for everyone to find. To get to know the island is a tour recommended. Rent a car spot and pull out at least 14 days because it is a large island. The coasts and beaches are as varied as the history of rocky headlands and long sandy flat, with idyllic sea views from a hilltop to a Greek temple with ornate hotel bougainvillea fairytale garden.



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