The 10 best attractions Sicily

Putting together a Top 10 of the most beautiful places of Sicily seemed so simple. But guess what? It's hard to choose. There is so much to see and do. Choose the most beautiful city, a special gap that one beautiful beach, a trip to the volcano or at the delicious ice cream sandwich that you only find in Sicily ...

Sicily travel tips

Tip 1 Taormina

The oldest and most beautiful resort of Sicily On Monte Tauro, between the Strait of Messina and Etna, lies the village of Taormina. The pretty town existed long before the Christian era. To the Greeks owes its famous Taormina Greek Theatre (Teatro Greco) and the many other conquerors of the city have added something to the city. Enjoy the beautiful views of Taormina, the sea, the many old buildings and the delicious food in one of the many restaurants.

Tip 2 Noto

Baroque highlight A.D. Corso Vittoria Emanuelle After the earthquake of 1693 the town had to be rebuilt completely Noto again resulting in the current Noto, a beautiful baroque town. Through the Porte Reale walk right into Corso Vittoria Emanuelle. In this street you walk past all the impressive palaces, churches and other buildings that Noto rich. Along with 7 other baroque towns in southeastern Sicily Noto is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tip 3 Palermo

Capital of Sicily What makes Palermo so special? Sicily has been in the hands of different powers. When the Normans in 1071, Palermo and the rest of Sicily conquered, they cultivated the Arab fortress to Palazzo di Normanni and they added other buildings in the city, among which the cathedral and the church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti. In the centuries that followed numerous refurbishment and various styles added. What remained to this day its unique construction with a special mix of styles.

Tip 4 Monreale

Mons reale: the royal hill Near Palermo, on the edge of the Conca d'Oro (Golden Valley) lies the village of Monreale. The town originated in the Middle Ages around the cathedral and the Benedictine monastery. In contrast to the exterior of the cathedral, the interior is richly decorated with beautiful mosaics.

Tip 5 Ice

And other Italian food Italy is known for its delicious food. In Sicily is no different. Fine wines, flavorful olive oil, pasta and anti pasta, limoncello, an icy lemon liqueur, and of course the world famous Italian ice. In Sicily, the Gelato in a cup or cone, but also on a sandwich ... enjoy!

Tip 6 Syracuse

Archimedes, known from physics, was in the year 287 BC. born in Siracusa. Syracuse had existed for 500 years, after the Greeks in 733 BC. a colony. On the outskirts of Siracusa find Neapolis where you include a Greek theater, a Roman amfithater and the ear of Dionysius (a cave whose entrance with a little imagination one has ear mold) can see. Ortygia is the old town and is situated on the sea. At sunset you can here in the old town relax on a terrace or in a restaurant. Thanks to the sea breeze is here in the evening often pleasantly cool.

Tip 7 Selinunte

Settlement from the ancient Greek Long before our era Selinunte was a large and important settlement with temples and an acropolis. Today it is an important archaeological site of Selinunte and you can include one of the largest Greek temples in the world. Attractions South Coast Sicily

Tip 8 Agrigento

And the Valley dei Templi (Valley of Temples)! Also in Agrigento are several Greek temples. You can visit the museum and Archaeological Park.

Tip 9 Villa Romana del Casale

Roman mosaics The former hunting lodge of a Roman officer, from the 3rd century AD., Houses the largest and best preserved collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The construction of the villa lasted over 50 years. Right from the triumphal arch at the entrance, you are greeted by the enormous wealth. Luce stay, marble, a colonnade, thermal baths, terrace gardens with ponds and fountains and magnificent mosaics.

Tip 10 Volcanoes

Etna and Stromboli - Etna is a volcano with many faces. The volcano has several craters and volcanic eruptions changes regularly. Thanks train, car and let the Etna cable car is relatively easy to visit.

Where in Sicily?

The regions Sicily is larger than the half of the Netherlands. Motorways are there, but for driving on roads, eg through the mountains, you have enough time. It is an illusion to the island in a few days to view. Most resorts are located along the east coast. On the following pages an overview of the regions and the best spots to visit in Sicily ...



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